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The organic ROCKASS Hoodie is printed on front and back

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*** old shop ***

All shirts € 10,-
White print on black shirt, all sizes

All girlie shirts € 12,-
White print on black shirt, all sizes

All hoodies € 20,-
White print on black hoody, all sizes

Forwarding expencies € 5,-

Choose your logo (Skull, stars, dragon, or simply ROCKASS in silver capitals), choose size and send us an email.
In the email answer you will get from us you will find further information concerning shipping and paying
Order per email: Shop@Rockass.Org

Rockass "in Bremen" DVD
*** Official Trash Bootleg Live DVD Video ***
Recorded at Bremen, Schlachthof Magazinkeller by Holger Lauster. songs: dirty demon rock´n´roll, lapin kulta, surrounded by assholes, amnesia, siver & gold, too many notes, the devil´s eye, no, ma, have a laugh at warriors, punkrock is a lie, strike, gotta go on, ansgar said, you got a reason, prince of the rodeo, rifle, solitary man, 47 minutes.
Order per Email for € 10,- + 5,- shipping*.

Rockass "Hell's mouth" CD
*** CD with "sadistic crime and torture", "lapin kulta", "gotta go on", "love song massacre", "the devil's eye" and "surrounded by assholes". recorded at Ost x audio, mastering Audioworks. Order:, € 10,- plus shipping.

Rockass "Live in der KVU" CD
*** Live-CD with "Surrounded by assholes", "Silver & gold", "Too many notes", "No, ma!", "Have a laugh at warriors", "Punkrock (is a lie)", "Gotta go on", "Strike", "Ansgar said", "You got a reason" and "Rifle"***
Recorded at the KVU by the KVU, mastering at Planet-Earth by Alex Hornbach.
Order per Email for € 10,- + 5,- shipping*.

Rockass "Ass of Spades" CD
*** CD with "Punkrock", "Amnesia", "No Ma!", "Too many notes", "Ansgar said" and "Dirty Demon". Recorded at Planet-Earth by Alex Hornbach.
Order per email for € 6,- + 1,44 shipping*.

Rockass "Strike" CD
*** EP with "You got a reason", "Rifle", "Silver & Gold" und "Strike". Recorded at Planet-Earth by Alex Hornbach.
Order per email for € 4,- + 5,- shipping*.


Rockass Strike 7" Vinyl EP. € 5,-!!! (+ € 5,- shipping*)

*** all studio recordings until the end of 2003 *** € 2,- (+ € 5,- shipping*)

*** live at the intertank as broadcastet by the intertank internet radio *** € 2,- (+ € 5,- shipping*)

ROCKASS stickers and badges 1,- (+ € 5,- shipping*)
ROCKASS posters
A3 € 2,- + shipping* (A2 € 3,-) black&white
A3 € 5,- + shipping* (A2 € 15,-) in color

Order per email: Shop@Rockass.Org

for posters see: Black tongue images

From our Rockass terms and conditions:

1) Send an email with your order
2) We answer with an acknowledgment, a number for your order and our account. Please transfer the money with your order number! When we have got the money, the merchandise will be sent to your address.
3) If you get damaged quality or a false size, you can change the things (possible fo 6 working days). You can send the ware, but please pay the shipping expences (otherwise you can bring it). If you did not damage the ware, you can get your money back, but you have to pay € 1,- handling fees. We can send the right size or undamaged quality, if you pay the shipping expences.