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Altenessen heut Nacht is a music video by Weckörhead. Next level shit! Thx 4 showing our Rockass Shirt eg at 5:12 :-)! Cool Pics, cool show!

Guitar Part with Rockass Shirt, thx to Mitch!


Get the Rockass Cap!!!

Torpedosuckers feat. Rockass
ROCKASS and Torpedosuckers: New Split Single Released
Ride, Ride! (On The Wings Of The Night)
The Torpedosuckers invited Bands and recorded songs in a studio in Berlin together. They gave the idea to the song 'Ride ride!' along with bass and drum tracks to their friends from Rockass. Result: The 2020 Summer Hit Single "Ride, Ride! (On The Wings Of The Night)". Dance to the sound of your Bluetooth box or PA, hear it on the train or your car stereo, enjoy the 'throat' of Bob Superviser and the Backings from 2 or 3 Bands and the hot Gibson Les Paul Custom Guitar Solo played by Han Solo from Rockass!
First ideas: Torpedosuckers
Adaption, new Rockass-style Guitar Riff, Solo licks and lines: Rockass
Invitation to Studio session: Torpedosuckers
Lyrics: Bob Superviser, Rockass
Guitars: Youtah Rockass, Han Solo, Rockass
Vocals: Bob Supervisor, Rockass
Vocals Intro: Hippo, Torpedosuckers
Backing voclas: Rockass, Topedosuckers, B58
Bass: Paddy, Torpedosuckers
Drums: Thiemo, Torpedosuckers
Recording: Max Power at Frank-Zappa-St. 1, Orwo House
Mixing: Max Power, Torpedosuckers
Artwork pre release: turmfalk, Rockass
Production Pre Release: Tobi, turmfalk, Rockass
Label: Spinnup, Universal
Distribution: Spotify, Google music, Deezer, apple Music, Youtube, Youtube Music, Amazon, [...]


ROCKASS youtube playlist: love'n'hate till the livin' end

Rockass rides again
The Punk n Roll pirates from ROCKASS start their next sea raid this year and will kick off with the release of their new 7 track record at the club Linse near Frankfurter Allee, Berlin. The fearless four will shock with high speed, singer Bob Supervisor comes along with his remarkable throat, and guitarplayer Youtah Rockass is again stealing the show, when she pounds and riffs all questions from the punk guitar playerŋs map. Skinny Drum, with band since 2004 and now touring with east german punk legends the scepticers (Die Skeptiker) rips you away with a typical very fast punk and R&R drumming, also singing all the familiar ROCKASS numbers together with bass player Han Solo, who hits thousends of notes into his 600 Watts bass amp at the same time. Itīs unbelievable, so if you have never been to space before, come to the show. And nearly the best: In their tour bus they will bring their companions from bi58 and Lucies, both well known names in the Berlin and east german music scene.

Rockass is recording new stuff in a small studio in South Friedrichshain. Short Punkrock album "Hellīs Mouth" with "Hellīs Mouth + Gotta go on", "Love Song Massacre", "Lapin Kulta", "Surrounded by assholes", "The Devil's eyes", "Sadistic Crime and Torture" is coming soon. The short album will be presented on 20th of april at the Klub Linse with bi58 and Lucies.

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